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Take the pain out of onboarding your clients today. Stop with all the back and forth emails, calls, zoom meetings, and texts. Send your client 1 link to have them grant access to your agency to all of their marketing accounts.

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Integrations With Admatic

List Of All Account Types We Are Integrated With

Meta Properties

Meta has approved our app for use and will help your client connect all their assets on Meta to your business manager account as a partner. This includes: Facebook Pages, Facebook Ad Accounts, Facebook Pixels/Datasets, Facebook Catalogs, and Instagram.

Google Properties

Our App Is Approved By Google and Will Help Your Client Automatically Connect All Their Assets With You On Google Properties. This Includes: Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Business Profiles, Google Merchant Center, Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console.

TikTok Properties

Our app which is fully approved with TikTok allows your client to easily connect their business center assets to you as a partner. This includes: TikTok Ad Accounts, TikTok Pixels, TikTok Shops, and TikTokCatalogs.

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